Making music in Mendocino

Range of Tools

Body work

Acting for the Singer

Hands-in work in Master Class

Hands-in work in Master Class

The gesture and intent of the body is different in opera and song than in acting for the speaking stage. We focus on that difference – how to make yourself look good through extending the gesture, finding realism in stylized movement, finding the intent of the character, and being able to express through specific movement the character’s emotions and ideas. We work to free the singer’s body from individual idiosyncrasies and tensions.

Techniques are given so that the singer will learn how to communicate specific ideas to the audience, find their creative source, and learn how to transfer the creative source to the audience.

Also covered are techniques on how to make yourself look good on the stage; creating and maintaining your charisma; how to conquer the fear of performing; how to release performance tension and fears; how to communicate your thoughts and ideas into concrete results, learning the basics of recitatives, and the basics of Italian, how to work with a conductor, how to network, the dos and don’ts of the profession; How to discover your inner potential.

The Movement Class

The movement class includes principles of a variety of body and breath ideas from Yoga ( Iyevgar and Dahn ), Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Inner Body Work, Pilates, and Tai Chi as well as stagecraft principles of movement and gestures. Each participant is evaluated, and specific recommendations are given for help in overcoming individual physical problems. There are also opportunities for individual sessions of body work.