Making music in Mendocino


Meals, Housing, and Transportation

Loving that food!

Loving that food!

Breakfast is at the Mendocino Hotel each morning at 8:00. Each singer receives a $10.00 chit for breakfast. Lunches are on your own, with most of the participants eating from the deli at the Harvest market down the hill. Dinners are at Chez Vrenios each evening, which gives the participants the opportunity to eat and chat with each other and the faculty. Any special dietary needs must be communicated before the workshop begins. Many students have built life-long friendships from this interaction.

Students are housed in private homes, many with spectacular views of the coast or the magnificent redwoods. The hosts take special pride in their particular charge and follow them from the opening night concert through the evening of arias and ending with the final performance. Many students have maintained long term friendships with their Mendocino friends.

Accommodations can be requested for housing with a room mate, or as a single. The cost of the housing is included in the entire cost of the workshop, $550 including dinner.

Transportation is arranged from each host’s home to the daily activities. This consists of the company vans or cars that participants many be driving. We provide transportation from the Oakland airport for a $35.00 fee each way to the workshop. Many people choose this option and some choose to drive.
Your hosts are invited to the concert and most of them will attend, and bring you back to their homes. There will be a buffet for you that night and we hope you will be able to relax in this glorious atmosphere that we all rave about.