Making music in Mendocino

Make Beautiful Music in a Beautiful Setting this Summer

Be part of a truly unique opera-training program—one that combines glorious music with one of the most breathtaking places in the country, Mendocino, California.

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios and an outstanding faculty, the Redwoods Opera Workshop will expand your essential movement and acting techniques, focus on the skills necessary for success as a singer, and allow you to explore the attractions of this legendary coastal setting. It’s an unbeatable combination!

The application deadline for the 2017 Workshop, which will run from June 15 to June 25, 2017, is April 15, 2017.

Redwoods Opera Workshop was a wonderful opportunity to develop my acting, movement, and performance skills in a positive environment. The faculty and coaches were knowledgeable and helpful. And Mendocino is a beautiful, scenic place where singers can focus on their craft.
Jennifer Weiss, 2014 Participant

The ten days I spent at Redwoods Opera Workshop were a rich time of growth, friendship, and self-discovery. I was struck by the way that the staff really cared about helping each singer discover and build on their strengths, and the singers really cared about their relationships with each other. The workshop not only taught me about movement and characterization, but gave me an idea of how to carry those skills and exercises into my future projects…this in itself has proved to be a great complement to my university experience. I have to say that I would not be the person I am today without the relationships I developed and the lessons I learned at Redwoods.
Elizabeth Sywulka, 2014 Participant

Coming to ROW was a blessing. I learned how the body naturally works and how we must sing with passion and commitment. I was told to never just sing the notes on the page, sing the poetry and experience the music. Music takes one on a journey and we must follow it wherever it may lead.
Roberto Garza Jr., 2014 Participant

The support from the incredible faculty and singers was unbelievable, I have never felt so encouraged from all directions. This program was the perfect balance of musical and personal growth. I loved every minute of it!”
Kendal Reimer, 2013 Participant

I had a fantastic experience learning the opening of Hansel and Gretel this past summer. Within a period of 6 days, we learned music and staging, all thanks to dedication and help of the coaches at ROW. I’ve never been so immersed in a character for such a short amount of time! It was very helpful and unlike any other rehearsal experience I’ve had to be challenged in that way.
Helen Haas, 2013 Participant

The amount of information I received is staggering, and the amount of growth I experienced in ten days is incomparable to any other musical experience I’ve ever had. Six months later, the lessons from ROW still resonate with me in my daily vocal activities, and I’m so grateful for everything I learned.
Kaitrin Loeb, 2013 Participant

This is a quality program! It is an incredible opportunity for any singer that wants to strengthen their dramatic skills on the stage. The masterclasses with Elizabeth Vrenios were wonderful! Every evening I was mesmerized by the way she directed the singers in their arias. Her direction is effective because she passes on her wisdom and knowledge with immense joy and love.
Kristina Herrejon, 2011 and 2012 Participant

Redwoods Opera Workshop for the second summer has provided the most amazing experience for me. The faculty set a tone of postive energy in our learning environment which helped all the students grow as performers. It was amazing to see the growth in all of my colleagues performances and the confidence they also gained from the program. I highly reccomend this program to singers that are seeking a environment where they can feel confident in growing as an artist. Make the Music Happen!
Angeline Chairez, 2012 Participant

I’m thrilled to say about Redwoods Opera Workshop, where I’ve had a great,
unforgettable experience with amazing people and remarkable professionals.
During the workshop I’ve grown as an artist, learned to breath, move and
think like my stage characters, and be fully integrated with them.
Anahit Gregoryan, 2012 Participant

The vast knowledge that is gained from being a part of the Redwoods Opera Workshop is something every performer should have. Each of the experienced coaches and directors are dedicated to the passion that is put into every aspect of being on stage. The process of transformation the performers show throughout the workshop is amazing. I would go back every year if I could to learn more and surround myself with gorgeous scenery and talented artists!
Rebecca Tuttle 2011, 2012 Participant

When looking for a workshop, I look at the reputation of the workshop and its
faculty, how individualized it can be to meet my specific needs and is it cost effective. Gratefully, I found all of those things in Redwoods. I saw dramatic and instantaneous results in myself and my peers. The principles we learned are simple, and when applied, make an incredible difference in our artistry on stage.
Michael Heitmann, 2012 Participant